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Special guest artist: Jim Alexander. Reprinted with his permission from his former online comic strip Algernon's Dilemma. Characters and artwork from Algernon's Dilemma are © Copyright 2003, Jim Alexander. All rights reserved.


[[Otto, Emily, and Flavoura continue their conversation inside the hangar, but they're starting to draw attention.]]
Otto: I've set the coordinates so that you'll return to approximately the same TIME and LOCATION that you left!! It isn't EXACT, mind you ~ as I didn't know the precise LONGITUDE and LATITUDE of the cave!!

Otto: Unfortunately, you can't go back to the time PRIOR to your departure ~ as it's theoretically impossible for you to exist TWICE in the same time period~!! [We see Otto's imagination of Emily and Flavoura meeting themselves in the cave.] As such ~ you'll have to be content with arriving sometime AFTER you initially departed!!

[[Outside the hangar, "Sarge" is talking to the sentry.]]
Sarge: What is it?!
Sentry: I thought I heard someone in there with the ~ the THING!!

Sentry: We'd better call for BACK-UP!!
[Somebody else calls for the sergeant's attention.]]
Voice: HEY~!! GUYS!! OVER HERE!!
Sarge: Huh?!?
Soldier: Captain Smith wants everyone at the main gate!!
Sarge: What is it?! What's happened?!?

Soldier: There's a bunch of locals demanding to see the ALIEN SPACECRAFT!!!
Sentry: WHAT?!?!

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