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Special guest artist: Jim Alexander. Reprinted with his permission from his former online comic strip Algernon's Dilemma. Characters and artwork from Algernon's Dilemma are © Copyright 2003, Jim Alexander. All rights reserved.


Man 1: We want to see the aliens who landed in the desert!!
Man 2: We know you brought them here!!
General: I assure you!! There are no aliens!! Nor do we have any alien spacecraft on this base!!

Soldier 1: I'm certain I heard someone in here!!
Soldier 2: I know!! I heard it, too!!

The spacecraft rises in the air.


Caption: Later!!
Soldier 1: But we're telling you, sir!! It just disappeared!!
General: You two will be dealt with later!! Right now, we need to concoct a story for public release!! We've a mob of locals insisting they saw an alien spacecraft land in the desert!!
Man 3: I think I have a solution, sir!!

Caption: Still later!!
Man 4: Weather balloon?!?!?

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