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[[Professor Wisebottom, present time, finishes his story for Nick and Ki]]
Ki: Wait a minute. You're meaning to tell us the famous Roswell aliens were really time travelers from 2002, and you helped the get home by fixing their time machine?
Wisebottom: Yup. That was me.

[[Nick and Ki look at each other]]
Wisebottom (off-panel): Using my notes taken from their craft, the failed Nazi project "Abteilung Zeitreisen", I was able to combine my fledgling design with theirs, fixing flaws in both. Mine would have eventually worked, mind you, but they gave me a nudge in the right direction.

[[Close-up of Wisebottom]]
Wisebottom: I'm afraid I never found out what became of those ladies. As 2002 came and went, I contemplated looking them up to see what became of them. That said, I doubt they'd ever connect that fresh-faced youth with the fossil I am today. C'est la vie...

[[Ki hands a magazine to Otto]]
Ki: I suppose your story might explain this box of "Big 'Uns" magazines then...
Wisebottom: Um, yes, well, I'll just be taking those, thank you...

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