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[[Nick and Ki continue to hash out the implications of Uncle Wisebottom's story about the visiting time machine]]
Nick: So whatever became of this other time machine,
Uncle Wise? I can only assume no news is good news.
Wisebottom: That's not necessarily a safe assumption.

[[Wisebottom ponders the issue]]
Wisebottom: I haven't detected any disruptions in space-time since your escapades in New York. It could be that their time machine was lost or destroyed, but it could be used for nefarious purposes unbeknownst to us. It's impossible to tell.

[[Nick and Ki ponder the issue as well]]
Nick: If another time machine exists, someone could alter time without us knowing. Even detectors either of us could concoct would be subject to sweeping changes in space-time as well.
Ki: How comforting.

[[Close-up of Wisebottom]]
Wisebottom: I should point out that their device had only enough fuel for one more trip. Miss Filigree was not quite as ditzy as she let on. A smart cookie like her might arrange for one last trip to somewhere where obtaining such scarce fuel would be... difficult.

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