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[[Uncle Wisebottom, Ki, and Nick stand around after Wisebottom finished his story]]
Wisebottom: Well, that's that. I've said my farewells, I've packed up my belongings, and it's time to catch my flight.
Nick: What, no teleporter?

[[Ki helps Wisebottom with his bag]]
Ki: Have a safe trip, Otto. Take care.
Wisebottom: Oh, you'll see me at all the usual holidays, I'm sure. I won't be THAT far away.

[[Wisebottom walks out the door]]
Nick: No messing with the plane's electronics while in flight, Unk.
Wisebottom: Now, nobody was able to prove ANYTHING, my boy. And nobody got hurt. That's what matters, right?

[[A UMOOVIT truck drives away as Ki and Nick watch]]
Ki: Should we call Santa Fe and warn them he's coming?
Nick: They're used to mushroom clouds out there. I'm sure he'll fit in nicely.

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