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[[Todd is still looking around the Nursery, with a bright light in the protoverse he had placed Mischief in.]]
Todd: [narrating] I don't know why the nursery began to crumble, but crumble it did. With no way of escape, I was certain I was doomed.

[[Mischief falls out of the protoverse, apparently unconscious.]]
Todd: [narrating] Mischief emerged, apparently healed but unconscious. _She_ might survive if the nursery collapsed, but _I_ certainly wouldn't.

[[Todd picks up Mischief as a disk-shaped portal appears in midair nearby.]]
Todd: [narrating] Just as suddenly, a portal appeared. No catalyst in sight. No reason to be found. Just a doorway of light to somewhere else.

[[Todd races to the portal, aiming to run through it.]]
Todd: [narrating] Right then, _anywhere_ seemed better than where we where.

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