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[[Todd and Mischief sit in a diner. Todd has a regular-sized meal in front of him, while Mischief has a huge pile of food in front of her.]]
Todd: [narrating] Her memories were gone. A complete blank slate. We needed somewhere to talk, to try and sort things out. We found a small diner nearby.

[[Mischief chews on her food, as Todd looks at what appears to be ID cards in his hand.]]
Todd: [narrating] She said she was starving, and she ate like she'd never eaten in her life. She probably hadn't. What was more surprising were the couple hundred bucks in my pocket and a pair of very real looking ID cards with fake names.

[[Todd talks and gesticulates, while Mischief eats.]]
I tried to jog her memory, hoping she'd remember something, _anything_. Gamester, the Nursery, Pandemonium... but it was all in vain. She avoided the topic; whether it was intentional or involuntary was impossible to tell.

[[Todd rests his face on his hand, while Mischief slurps her drink.]]
So as our all-powerful enemy stalked who-knows-where, the only hope of the cosmos, stripped of her memories and powers, slurped down milkshakes and I was her only hope of recovery. Joy.

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