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[[Todd continues his narration. We see "Misty" (Mischief) as a waitress, happily toting a tray full of glasses and plates as a "greasy spoof" cook with a cigarette and tattoo watches from the background.]]
Todd: [off-panel, narrating] Our best hope was to lay low, at least until Mischief's memories returned. To my surprise, she easily acquired a job at the diner, probably to recoup our initial bill.

[[We see Todd in a garage, standing in front of an open car hood and wiping his hands on a shop rag as his manager, a balding black man, watches from the background.]]
Todd: [narrating] I was hired as a mechanic at a nearby garage. All that time in the resistance fixing things paid off. Neither of us made much, but combined we could be comfortable.

[[We see Todd and "Misty" at the front desk of an apartment building. Todd is signing a paper on the desk, as a smoking and skeptical-looking manager looks on.]]
Todd: [narrating] We rented a cheap apartment and told the landlady we're siblings. She didn't buy it, of course, and took great pleasure in reminding us of that fact.

[[We see Todd and "Misty" cleaning their apartment, smiling at each other. Todd sweeps/mops, while "Misty" is dusting.]]
Todd: [narrating] We actually began to settle into a "normal" routine, perhaps for the first time in either of our lives. But neither of us could ever be normal, and I knew this was only the calm before the impending storm.

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