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[[Todd continues his narration. We see Todd and "Misty" (Mischief without her memories) on the balcony of their apartment, in front of a city skyline. Todd is holding Misty, who is visibly crying.]]
Todd: [narrating] In my brief life before my temporal journey, I knew nothing but hardship. I learned not to make deep friendships when you may be burying your friends any day.

[[Todd is looking into Misty's eyes, cupping her face in one of his hands.]]
Todd: [narrating] Since I became an agent of the Gamester, I've lived an eternity out of time, aging and ageless all at once. I have known only two constants, two giants who step lightly as not to squash their pet bug.

[[We see Misty's sad face, tears streaming down her cheeks.]]
Todd: [narrating] But "Misty" was so lost and alone. Where once I saw limitless power, now I saw utter helplessness. If I were to give into those desires, would I be comforting her, or making her wounds deeper still?

[[We see the two of them embracing and kissing passionately, tears on both of their faces.]]

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