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[[Nick and Ki in the corridor at GPF, Ki holding his arm and smiling, Sharon through door, holding paper in left hand, looking back]]
Ki: Aw, c'mon! Why won't you tell me?
Nick: It's embarrassing! You'll make a big deal about it.

[[Sharon with them, Nick scowling]]
Sharon: OK, it's not a lovers' spat. What's this bit of marital bliss?
Ki: Nick had a sex dream about another woman last night and he's too embarrassed to tell me who.
Nick: Ki!

[[Sharon smiling and waving hand dismissively]]
Sharon: Oh, that. It happens to everyone. Fooker and I tease each other about that all the time. I've had these reoccurring dreams about Hugh Jackman while he's had ones about Jessica Biel.

Sharon: So... who was it?
Nick: If I say Jessica Biel or Hugh Jackman, will it make you both go away?
Sharon and Ki: No!

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