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[[Nick is still angry. Fooker looks to see that no one else is around.]]
Nick: It's not Sharon, not Dexter, and certainly not *you*.
Fooker: That's certainly a relief
Nick: Just drop it, OK?

[[Close-up of Fooker.]]
Fooker: C'mon, Nick. This is ME, your best bud. I kept Ki's Pookel secret, I never told anyone when you were sorta kinda sweet on Trudy. I was a freakin' secret agent. I know how to zip the lip and I know you need to vent. You can tell me.

[[Nick looks back at Fooker, frowning.]]
Nick: You won't tell Ki? Even under threats of torture by teddy bear?
Fooker: Ki who?

[[Nick looks away, embarrassed.]]
Nick: It was Trudy.
Fooker: Good God. You're a dead man.

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