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[[Patty facing us in corridor, holding box. Dexter comes up behind her, holding sheet of paper in left hand, waving with right.]]
Dexter: Hey, Patty! Wait up!

[[Dexter right behind Patty. Patty facing away, silent.]]
Dexter: I'm glad I caught you. Dwayne said he's thinking hard about bringing you, Tim, & Scott on full time. I think that's great! I went that route myself.

[[Patty continues to walk away as if Dexter is not there.]]
Dexter: I wanted to let you know there's this really slim chance I might get tickets to James Cameron's "Avatar", and I was kinda sorta hoping you might be interested... in...

[[Dexter facing reader, looking glum.]]
Dexter: Still not talking to me, I see. It's OK, I guess. Whenever you're ready to acknowledge my existence again, I'll be here...

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