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[[Ki and Dexter are sitting at Dexter's desk, Dexter is looking at a donut]]
Dexter: What's worse, I think I... really like Patty. I was going to ask her out to a sneak peak of "Avatar".
Ki: You're sweet on Patty?

Dexter: All I want is a chance to make it up to her. I've screwed up so many relationships, Ki. I don't want to kill my chance with Patty before it even starts.

Ki: Dex, if anyone knows how you can mess up a relationship, it's me. But you've grown and changed, and I know you never meant to hurt her feelings. Maybe... maybe I could talk to her for you.

[[Dexter is on his knees, holding Ki's hands in his]]
Dexter: Would you? Please? What can I do to make it up to you? Name it!
Ki: Never beg like that again, especially if there's a chance Nick might walk by...

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