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[[ Sharon and Ki together at the office ]]

Ki: Maybe Fooker's been avoiding getting a cell phone so he won't be constantly connected.
Sharon: Are we both talking about the guy with multiple fiber lines into his apartment?

Ki: That's different. When he wants to be connected, he certainly is. But everyone wants to unplug every now and then, even Nick. He doesn't want interruptions when he's out and about.
Sharon: I'm talking about keeping track of him, not getting tech support.

Ki: Keep in mind that when he was a secret agent, he was probably constantly monitored, not only by his enemies but by his allies too. Remember what he said about not wearing long pants? Maybe this is the same thing, a logical separation of his past and current lives.

Sharon: Or maybe he just doesn't want me to be able to reach him when he's not here or at home.
Ki: Occasionally, couples need to unplug from each other as well.

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