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Sharon: There you are. I've been calling you all day. After I got your number from Ki. Why haven't you answered?
Fooker: I turned the ringer off.

Sharon: And just why did you do that?
Fooker: Aw, c'mon, hot stuff. You know I hate talking on the phone. Just text, IM, or e-mail me. Now I'm guaranteed to get it.

Sharon: Uh huh. Some of us prefer a more personal form of communication. There's only so much you can express in 160 characters.
Fooker: You know me. Terse and efficient.

Sharon: Right. You did get a text and data plan to go with your new insatiable mobile data appetite, didn't you?
Fooker: They really pushed one, but I figure I'll just pay for what I use. No harm there, right?

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