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Nick's 'ZKRMFGQ" project is not going well...
Nick (typing): No, you can't iterate over the entire data tree. That negates all performance gains from the look-up hash and quadruples the size of the look-ahead buffer. - Gort

JDF (typing): But if you don't scan the whole tree, you can't compute the average of all node values. - JDF
Nick (typing): We don't need the average! That functionality was never in the original spec.

cwright (typing): I have a feature request. I need to generate a report based on this data. Can you add a sorting feature on arbitrary columns? - cwright
Nick (typing): That's beyond the scope of the tool and would bloat the code. Dump it to a CSV and import it into Excel.

jbacon (typing): This patch will make it sort, collate, fluff, and fold! :D - jbacon
Nick (typing): THAT'S NOT WHAT THE PROGRAM DOES!! - Gort
merlyn (typing): I need it to read email. thx - merlyn

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