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Sharon: Hurry! The show is starting! They're announcing the couples.
Ki: Sorry. I had to pick up these snacks on the way.
Announcer: Buzz Aldrin and his partner, Ashly Delgrosso!

Ki: We're not going to bother his highness?
Sharon: No. He's in his own little mobile world right now.
Fooker: La la la, not listening.
Announcer: Pamela Anderson and her partner, Damian Whitewood!

Ki: Did I miss any announcements?
Sharon: Not yet. So far. The rumors we've heard have been true. I haven't heard any names that are big surprises.
Announcer: Shannen Doherty and her partner, Mark Ballas!

Announcer: Fred Physarum and his partner, Cheryl Burke!
Ki: Um, well, there's a surprise...
Fooker: Who what when now?

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