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Tom Bergeron: Here on "Dancing With The Stars" we've always had some... unusual selections of contestants. But this season, we have one star who certainly hopes not to be defeated... Especially since he doesn't have any feet.

Tom Bergeron: You've had some unique challenges to overcome just to be here, Fred. How is that turning out?
Fredrick "Fred" Physarum: Well, Tom, it hasn't been without its share of pitfalls.

Fredrick "Fred" Physarum: At least the wardrobe department is saving a bundle on costumes this season... since I don't need any... because I'm a slime mold...
Tom Bergeron: Ha ha! Isn't that the truth. Let's take a look at you and Cheryl's first meeting...

Fredrick "Fred" Physarum: Yes! Cheryl Burke! Now at least the finals are a sure thing!
Cheryl Burke (thinking): And I thought they were handicapping me with Tom Delay...

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