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The next day...
Ki: The results show is always full of fluff. We really ought to DVR this and fast forward to the good stuff.
Sharon: Who do you think will be eliminated?

Ki: I don't know. My bet is that Even Lysacek will be the frontrunner. He's a figure skater, so he's got that whole Kristi Yamaguchi thing going for him. Maybe Buzz Aldrin or Kate Gosselin.

Sharon: Hey, they're already on the final two? But Fred isn't one of them?
Ki: His dance was horrible. Could he have really received that many votes?

Sharon: Maybe it's the Wozniak Effect. He survived a lot longer than he should have.
Ki: Woz has a lovable, roly-poly quality. Fred... doesn't.
Announcer: Evan and Anna, you're going home.

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