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Ki: Fred, Evan got a 21! You got a hotly contested 12! There's no way you got enough audience votes to bump him out of the competition.
Fred: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Fred: Look, everything's cool. After the show, I asked them to do a recount. All the votes were legit. Don't ask me why or how, but the fans love me more than they love ol' frosty toes. I'm not complaining.

Sharon: No, but a lot of other people are, Fred. People are Fred. Rumors are flying that either you or the show's producers fixed the vote to garner more ratings. You're getting more publicity, but it's not exactly the good kind.

Fred: I didn't do anything except dance with a hot chick in front of millions of viewers! Don't accuse me of rigging the vote!
Ki: We aren't. But that's not stopping everyone else.

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