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Dwayne: Look, sweetie. Lots of people have pondered why boys and girls are so different. Don't expect to figure that answer out any time soon.
Sydney: I suppose you're right, Daddy.

Sydney: I guess it's one of life's great mysteries, kind of like the whole "three bears paradox".
Dwayne: The what?

Sydney: The "three bears paradox". That's what I call it, anyway. It's a theory I have. It make sense for Papa Bear's porridge to be too hot; there's more mass, so it should retain more heat. But why would Mama Bear's be too cold and Baby Bear's be just right?

Sydney: Baby Bear's porridge should lose heat more quickly. It defies the laws of thermodynamics, I tell you!
Dwayne: The other kids are right. You are weird.

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