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Sharon: I was in the same boat as you. I needed drastic measures. My old plan may not work for you, but it will give us a place to start and we can tailor it from there.

Sharon: First I want you to throw everything out of your pantry and fridge. We're going to start from scratch. You'll need to do some grocery shopping, and you're only going to buy items on the list I'll give you.

Sharon: Tomorrow at lunch, you and I are going to the gym I work out at. We'll get you a membership, and you'll pay for a full year up-front. Guilt is a great motivator. Then we'll make it a regular lunch-time gig, you and me.

Dexter: Won't he take objection with that, seeing as you and I once... um, you know...
Sharon: Are you kidding? He's too busy spending his lunch hour rewriting device drivers.
Fooker: I heard that.

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