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[[Dexter lies asleep or unconscious in a hospital bed with oxygen tubes running across his face to his nose. Patty sits next to the bed in a wheel chair. Medical equipment is visible in the background.]]
Patty: I... don't suppose you can hear me, but I wanted to say... I'm sorry.

[[Patty continues talking to Dexter. A GPF logo is visible on her collared shirt.]]
Patty: I'm sorry about jumping to conclusions with Lynn. I'm sorry about "Bloodbath". I'm sorry I'm such a screwed up, psychopathic, heartless bucket of sarcastic jerkiness.

[[Patty reaches to take Dexter's hand.]]
Patty: I'm a real mess. All I ever do is ruin every relationship I get into. I can't fathom _why_ you're so interested in me, or why you're so relentless. I _wish_ you'd see how worthless and pointless it is to pursue me.

[[Patty holds Dexter's hand. A tear runs down her cheek and she closes her eyes and turns away.]]
Patty: I _wish_ you'd give up. But I _hope_ you never will.

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