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[[Trudy is holding Ki with Ki's arms around her shoulders, while Trish is standing, pushing an IV cart.]]
Ki: T-T-T-T-T...
Trish: Oh, I'm s-so s-sorry! I'll b-be out of your w-way if you'll j-just let m-me...

[[Trudy is still holding Ki.]]
Ki: Trish! You're alive! A-and here! And alive!
Trudy: I think we've established that already. Can you get down now?

[[Ki is starting to get down off of Trudy, while Trish leans against the IV pole as though she is embarassed.]]
Trish: I'm s-sorry, but w-what d-did you call me? "T-Trish"? I-I'm afraid I d-don't know that n-name...

[[Trudy stands to the left, Ki has released Trudy and is standing on her own, and Trish stands in trepidation.]]
Ki: [Thinking] And you have no idea who I am...
Trish: Sh-should I?

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