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[[Trish, Ki, and Trudy walk along the hospital corridor.]]
Trish: I-I'm s-sorry I d-don't remember you. I've b-been here a l-long time and I've h-had amnesia. I d-don't even r-remember my n-name.

Trish: (Sheepishly) Are... are we f-friends?
Ki: Um, not exactly. It's... complicated. But I can tell by your stutter that you're not the... *person* I should worry about.

Trish: I've b-been very ill. M-my d-doctor tried to exp-plain it t-to me, but it s-sounded like s-something out of s-science f-fiction.
Ki (thinks): I'll bet. Who knows *exactly* what your "nega" self did to you...

[[Trish and Key are a few steps ahead. Trudy looks back nervously over her shoulder.]]
Trish: But I have n-no memories before I g-got here, and I'm only j-just now getting b-back to n-normal. Maybe... if you kn-know who I r-really am...
Ki: I may not know enough, but I'll bet I know where to start.

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