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[[Ki, Trish with an IV stand, and Trudy. Trudy looks around anxiously.]]
Ki: I promise I'll come back and talk to you again, but right now we need to find our friend.
Trish: Oh, I-I understand. I've l-learned to be v-very p-patient as a p-patient.

[[Trudy is still looking around anxiously]]
Trish: I-if there's anything I c-can do to h-help... I kn-know my way around here p-pretty w-well...
Ki: Well, we really need to find the emergency room...

[[Trish points with her left hand, her right continuing to hold the stand. Ki and Trudy follow her gaze.]]
Trish: Oh! Th-that's down this way! And here c-comes my d-doctor! I'm s-sure he can help you find your f-friend. He's the m-most helpful p-person I know!

[[Dr Akhilesh enters the frame. Trish simpers. Trudy jumps into Ki's arms, quaking. Ki is astonished and struggles to hold Trudy up.]]
Trish: Hi, D-doctor Aki!

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