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[[Patty in wheelchair beside Dexter's bed, speaking to herself.]]
Patty: I... I gave Dwayne my two-weeks notice. I told him I had another contract. I lied. I asked my contracting firm to move me to another contract and they refused, so I quit.

[[Patty seen from Dexter's perspective]]
Patty: It's all because of you, you know. I'm running away. I'm running because I've tried and tried to *drive* you away and you just won't take a hint. You're too darn persistent.

[[Closeup of her face.]]
Patty: It's far better to hurt you know by rejecting you than to hurt you worse when you find out what I did to Mark, my old fiance... And easier to face that guilt than the guilt I have over him. It's... better this way.

[[Dexter is awake after all and heard this. Patty is surprised.]]
Dexter: Don't... I get a say... in this...?

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