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[[Dexter in hospital bed with oxygen tube in nose, Patty sitting on his left, facing square on. Her left hand is touching his face.]]
Patty: Sh.. You need your rest. That can wait until later.
Dexter: No... You'll... avoid the topic. I want... to know...

[[Close up of Patty, frowning at herself]]
Dexter: Dex, it's something I'm ashamed of, and I *deserve* that. I don't tell anyone because I know they'll think less of me than they already do. Just... leave me to my own demons and spare yourself the trouble. I'm not worth it.

[[Patty leaning back in her chair, Dexter seems to be holding her hand]]
Dexter: I... think you are. I've come to... know you these past yew... years, and I don't... care what you've done. The past's the past. It can't be all *that* bad...

[[Patty leans on right forearm, puts left hand to Dexter's ear, and whispers behind it. He looks startled.]]
Dexter. Oh. Y-yeah... That's bad...

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