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[[Dexter in hospital bed with oxygen tube in nose, Patty sitting at his left with eyes squeezed closed, Dexter looking at her a little woozily]]
Dexter: So *that's* what all this is about?
Patty: Don't patronize me by dismissing it as nothing. I'm a &%#$@, pure and simple. I'm not worth anyone's time.

[[Dexter gesturing with left hand]]
Dexter: So you're not perfect. Neither am I. That may have described you then, but that's not the person I've come to know and care about. I forgive you, but you have to learn to forgive yourself.

[[Patty leaning on Dexter, his left arm around her shoulders]]
Dexter: I can keep your secret. I'll never tell anyone, and I'll never hold that against you. I only ask that you overlook *my* flaws and maybe, just maybe, we can be friends...

[[Closeup. Dexter pointing with right index finger.]]
Dexter: So... What happened to your leg?

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