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[[Trudy is sitting in Ki's arms with her arms around Ki's neck. Trudy is shaking. Ki's hair is frazzled. Trish turns to Doctor Sehgal with her right hand at her mouth.]]
Trish: D-doctor Aki! M-my new f-friends here could use y-your help!

[[Trish and Doctor Sehgal: both looking back at the others.]]
Trish: Th-they're looking for a f-friend who had a b-broken leg in ER. Th-they say they know who I-I am!
Doctor Sehgal: And do I not know...?

[[Ki falls down backwards. Trish and Doctor Sehgal look startled.]]

[[Trudy and Ki are on the floor. Trudy looks annoyed. Ki looks cross and in pain. She shouts.]]
Trudy: Can you give me a little warning next time you decide to *drop* me?

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