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[[Trish, departing with IV stand, looks back at Trudy, who leans against the wall with her head down and eyes closed.]]
Trish: It's t-time to switch m-my IV, so I'll be b-back in a b-bit. I hope y-your friends w-will all be OK.

[[Doctor Sehgal comes out of door holding booklet in left hand.]]
Doctor Sehgal: It seems your friends will all be relying on you for the long trip home. It is a big responsibility.

[[Doctor Sehgal holds booklet as if to read, has right index finger holding it open, but has eyes closed. Trudy's eyes are still closed.]]
Doctor Sehgal: But, I am certain they can enumerate on you. After all, you should know all about compassion and empathy. You have experienced it first-hand. Is that not correct...

[[Doctor Sehgal closes booklet, winks, and smiles slightly. Trudy's eyes open.]]
Doctor Sehgal: Trudy?

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