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[[In the hospital, Doctor Akhilesh Sehgal and Trudy]]
Doctor: You have been given a great gift, Trudy. Whether you believe it of God or someone else, a second chance at life is rare and precious.
Trudy: I'm ... aware of that.

[[Closeup of Trudy]]
Trudy: I'm not ready to join your cult, but I'm trying to make things right where I can. It hasn't been easy. It's complicated, but I can't reveal to those closest to me who I really am. Not yet.

[[Closeup of doctor]]
Trudy: I found my sister, who accepts me unconditionally. We're searching for our mother, to try to talk to her, or maybe bring her to justice. Much as it hurts, I watch old rivals grow their love every day.

[[Doctor and Trudy, Trudy facing away from him with eyes closed]]
Doctor: It sounds as if those around you have forgiven you. Dare I ask, however... have you finally forgiven yourself?

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