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[[Doctor Akhilesh Sehgal and Trudy facing, doctor holding sheet of paper in left hand, Trudy leaning against door frame with arms crossed]]
Doctor: Since I have already treated two of your "friends" today, allow me to write *you* your own prescription...

[[Closeup of both. Sehgal grasps both of Trudy's shoulders firmly.]]
Doctor: I have kept your secrets, and will continue to do so. But you cannot carry all these burdens alone. It is time you confided in someone who is closer geographically, who can be there any time, day or night.

[[Closeup of Trudy]]
Doctor: Despite your "pardon", you cannot continue to lie to everyone around you. It will only make matters worse long term. But there must be *someone* you can confide in. Your sister, perhaps?

[[Doctor walking away, facing away]]
Doctor: Tell her everything. Hold nothing back. Ask her for forgiveness. And in doing so, ask her to help you learn to forgive yourself. Only then will you ever find peace.

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