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[[Left to right: Doctor Akhilesh Sehgal, Trudy, Ki (sitting), Dexter (in bed), Patty (sitting)]]
Doctor: Your prognosis is very good, Mr Smith. You have been very fortunate. You are blessed to have observant and quick-thinking friends.

[[Closeup of Dexter smiling faintly and Patty]]
Doctor: I want to keep you a few days for observation, but you should be going home soon. You must take it easy at first, but it is imperative you continue the lifestyle changes you started recently, to avoid another incident.

[[Doctor, Ki, Trudy]]
Doctor: Your injured friends, of course, are free to go, although I would not recommend returning to the exposition. The drive home will be uncomfortable,, but not impossible.

[[Trudy looking away, Ki facing her, Dexter looking their way]]
Trudy: And what exactly am *I* supposed to do for the next couple days?
Ki: We've got a lot of money tied up in that booth. *Somebody* has to man it...

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