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[[Ki, Trudy, and Patty are finally leaving the hospital. Ki is pushing Patty's wheelchair while Trudy walks beside Ki.]]
Ki: Was it my imagination, Trudy, or did I see Patty actually sitting civilly next to Dex?
Patty: I don't know what you're talking about.

[[Trudy and Ki exchange mischievous glances. Patty remains deadpan.]]
Trudy: Oh, it was real. But my eyes must have played tricks on me, because I could have sworn she was holding his hand at one point.
Patty: An empathetic gesture only.

[[The girls walk
roll past the "camera" and are now walking away. Trudy and Ki continue to exchange knowing glances while Patty, still deadpan, glances suspiciously back at them.]]
Ki: Why, I think Dex may have been forgiven, and then some.
Patty: A truce... to better foster team collaboration.

[[The girls walk away from the "camera" toward the hospital exit in the background.]]
Trudy: Will you two be collaborating more closely in the future?
Patty: Want to take that back before you hand over the crutches?

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