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[[Fooker seated at the computer in his office, hands on keys; Sharon on his left looking left to the door.]]
Sharon: I'm not sure about Nick growing a beard. It doesn't look ... *right* on him.
Fooker: It's a geek rite of passage.

[[Sharon and Fooker facing each other; Fooker gesturing as he speaks]]
Fooker: One cannot become a true UNIX geek without growing one at least once. Like a monolithic kernel, a UNIX geek's beard is a commanding obelisk of knowledge, wisdom, and hubris. It is a focal point, a symbol of arcane power.

[[Nick passes the office door, holding something in right hand and gesturing with the left. Five o'clock shadow visible but faint. Fooker and Sharon both looking at him.]]
Nick: Hey, Fooker.

[[Sharon folds arms, turns and glares at Fooker. Fooker slumps with chin on left hand.]]
Sharon: "A symbol of arcane power"?
Fooker: Never mind. The analogy breaks down with microkernels.

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