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[[Nick and Ki at home. Ki sitting on the couch with a book in her left hand. Nick comes up behind the couch; she faces him.]
Nick: I've decided to get rid of the beard.
Ki: That was fast. May I ask why?

[[Closeup of Nick running his hand over his chin.]]
Nick: Well, first and foremost, I know *you* didn't like it, but I know nobody else did either. I know everyone's jokes were well-meant and harmless, but they were underpinned with truth. It just doesn't work for me, period.

Ki: I'm sorry if we embarrassed you. We're all your friends, and we'll always support your decisions. Of course, you *know* I'll love you no matter what, beard or no beard. I promise, you look best without it.

[[Nick now beside couch, close to Ki. Ki puts left forefinger to lips. She looks mildly sheepish.]]
Ki: So... when are you going to...?
Nick: [[Annoyed]] Three days ago.

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