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[[Fooker, Sharon, and Scott stand in line at the movie theater ticket booth. Fooker is busily buying tickets, while Scott's appearance seems to startle Sharon.]]
Sharon: GAH! Scott! You better not be following me again, or else!
Scott: [[Backpedaling]] Forsooth, milady! I dare not do such a thing, not after the tongue-lashing Lord Duncan inflicted!

[[Scott seems genuinely concerned at Sharon's accusatory tone.]]
Scott: Can it not be mere coincidence that I seek nocturnal entertainment from the same motion picture as thee? I have pursued thee neither overtly nor covertly. I seek only this eve to see Emma Watson's angelic face.

[[Sharon jabs a finger of warning in Scott's face.]]
Sharon: Fine. Whatever. Just keep your distance. I'm too tired to argue with you, which means I'm also more likely to cause you bodily harm if you don't heed this warning.
Scott: Thy warning has been clearly received.

[[Fooker turns to face the other two.]]
Fooker: Hey Scott! Didn't see you there. Wanna sit with us?
Sharon: FOOKER!
Scott: Indeed, merrily!

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