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[[In the cinema, looking at Scott, Fooker, and Sharon, who are seated in that order. Scott is looking at the screen. He has a drink in his left hand and a large tub of popcorn in his right. Sharon is slumped in her seat with her arms folded, facing the screen. Fooker has tuned to face her.]]
Fooker (whispering): Sorry, babe. The guy's all alone and I was just trying to be friendly.
Sharon (whispering): Too tired to argue with you.

[[Closeup of Fooker, now facing the screen.]]
Fooker (whispering): Look we've given Scott and Tim a pretty hard time, but they're really cool guys. When you get past the whole "The One" deal, they are just geeks like you and me. They've backed off, so I think we should but them a little...

[[He turns back to Sharon, but she has fallen asleep.]]
Fooker (whispering): ... slack.

[[Scott turns to face her too.]]
Scott (whispering): Poor moppet. Shall we wake her? The movie is starting...
Fooker (whispering): Nah. She always comes up with the most bizarre dreams at times like these...

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