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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[Title double panel: Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas. On the left, Sharon is asleep as Fooker leans over her, about to drop a popcorn kernel down into her cleavage. On the right, two two-story houses stand at night with the moon rising behind them. A single window is lit in the top story of one of them.]

[[Harry Barker sits at a desk, pencil between his fingers and his head in his hand, as he stares into nothing. An Anglepoise lamp sits on a Perl book, illuminating his studies.]]
Harry (thinks): Summer's almost over, but I haven't received one letter from any of my friends at Hollerith's. Did they forget about me...?

[[His Uncle Trent opens the door scowling.]]
Trent: Why is it so quiet in here? Are you *studying*? Shouldn't you be playing video games o something?
Harry: You won't let me have a computer... *or* a TV.

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