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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[In the diminished light from the broken lamp, Harry Barker begins to remove the bulb from the Anglepoise lamp.]]
Harry (thinks): I guess I *have* to go downstairs to get another bulb. Maybe Uncle Trent is craftier than I thought.

[[A lightning bolt bursts from the now empty socket in the lamp. Harry's hair stands on end and he drops the bulb. There is a strange shadow in the lightning.]]

[[A new creature has materialized, with arms and legs like cheese straws and head like an elderly wingnut. He is rubbing his head as if in pain. Unlike the rest of his surroundings, the creature appears pixelated, as if his image is of a lower resolution that the rest of the picture.]]
Noddy: Ooh... Noddy does hate traveling by power wire so...
Harry: What the hex are you?

[[We see Noddy from the side. This way on his ears are less like wings and more like ram's horns or a jester's cap. He has far more of a jaw than we could see tin the previous panel.]]
Noddy: Begging the user's pardon, sir, but I am Noddy, a network sprite.
Harry: (mildly annoyed) Oh, I get it. Is that my cue to crack a Final Fantasy joke or something?

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