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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[Harry has arms akimbo, frowning at Noddy. Noddy looks defensive.]]
Harry: OK, Noddy the sprite, what are you doing in my lamp?
Noddy: Noddy thought if Mr Harry Barker could not study, then he could not return to school.

[[Harry bending over Noddy, who has an evil grin during his speech.]]
Harry: What? I *have* to return to Hollerith's! I want to see my friends!
Noddy: Friends who have not written Harry Barker all summer?

[[Closeup of their faces; Noddy is cringing. Noddy hands him a stack of envelopes bound with a cable having a connector at each end.]]
Harry: And just what would *you* know about that
Noddy: Noddy thought if Harry Barker did not hear from his friends, he would not be so anxious to return to school.

[[Harry holds the envelopes and studies them. Noddy seems to be grinning again.]]
Harry: It's not like these would have gotten delivered anyway. These all look like IP or MAC addresses.
Noddy: Mr Harry Barker does not *have* an e-mail address at home.

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