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[[Harry Barker leans frowning over Noddy and grips his tattered clothes.]]
Harry: *Why* are you trying to keep me from returning to school?
Noddy: Terrible things are about to happen at Hollerith's! Noddy must protect Harry Barker!

[[During the next dialogue, Harry raises his head and relaxes his expression. Noddy turns his face to one side, struggling against his conditioning.]]
Harry: Protect me? From what?
Noddy: Noddy... cannot say! Cannot... betray... his user!
Harry: OK, OK!

[[Noddy turns to face Harry again, with a wicked grin.]]
Noddy: By Noddy *can* delete Harry Barker's uncle's porn collection from Harry Barker's uncle's secret computer! *That* should keep Harry Barker from returning to Hollerith's!

[[As Harry speaks, Noddy fades out.]]
Harry: My uncle's *what*?
Noddy: <<ZZZT>>
Uncle Trent (shouting extremely loudly): BARKER!

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