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[[Harry Barker's room now has bars over the window. Uncle Trent is outside it, squinting with rage, and shaking a wrench at Harry. Harry looks depressed.]]
Uncle Trent: I don't know how you did it, boy, but you can forget ever seeing your freakish friends again!
Harry Barker: But I didn't even know you had a computer!

[[The view switches inside the room. Trent descends the ladder as Harry watches desperately out the window.]
Uncle Trent: You're the only one who could have done it! You're never leaving that room again!
Harry Barker: But Uncle Trent, I...
[[The bulb-less Anglepoise light begins to buzz:]] <<ZZZZZZ>>

[[Don Measley emerges rapidly from the light.]
Harry Barker: [Surprised] D-Don?!

[[Don and Harry facing each other, Don grinning from ear to ear]]
Don: 'ello, Harry! Cor, you look like you've never seen anyone travel by electrical wire before!
Harry Barker: Before today, never, but it suddenly seems very popular.

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