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[[Crowded bookstore]]
Woman: My goodness! What in the web is going on here?
Child: It's Gedanken Deadlock, the legendary hacker! His new book just came out.

[[Smiling man stand in front of crowd and photographers.]]
Gedanken: Thank you, my beloved fans, for coming today! Without your support, my latest book, "Zero Day, Gone Tomorrow", would not be nearly as popular--or profitable--as it has been.

[[Gedanken looks out at the crowd.]]
Gedanken: By the source...and who is this that's come to purchase his copy? Harry Barker! Step up here, lad! Your copy is on the house!

[[Gedanken poses with Harry for a picture.]]
Gedanken: Together, you and I rate the front page of Digg! Both our pageranks will shoot up three points with this picture!

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