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[[Darco and Luser Mouso are confronting Harry, Harmony, Don, and Jenny Measly in Flowcharts and Blogs, where Don and Jenny's father is buying their textbooks for Hollerith's. Luser has reached into Jenny's bag and pulled out a book.]]
Luser: I see the Ministry of Luddie Affairs continues to pay as poorly as ever. Second-hand books are so... frugal.
Measly: Surprisingly, they teach the same information.

Luser: [paging through Jenny's book] A child's education is no place for stinginess. A hacker is only as good as his tools.
Measly: I believe our definition of what makes a GOOD hacker differs, Mouso.

Luser: [putting the book back into Jenny's bag] Tread carefully, Measly. That could almost be interpreted as a threat. See you at the Ministry.

[[As Darco follows his father, Luser, out the door, he looks back at the others with a superior sneer.]]
Darco: See you at school.
[[Harry, Jenny, Don, and Harmony just glare in response.]]

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