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[[Some time later at Hollerith's... Harry, Harmony, and Don are walking together through the halls. Don looks particularly frustrated.]]
Harmony: That was quite an adventure you boys had, missing the train and all...
Harry: The path to the platform was blocked.

Harry: [angrily] If we hadn't "borrowed" Don's dad's submarine car and gone up the river, we would never have arrived in time.
Don: [holding up his mouse] Broke me mouse Scribbles in the process, too.

Harmony: I heard Prof. Sysape was furious and that he wanted to kick you out of school.
Harry: [angrily] McDongle intervened and all we got was detention. Still, I think someone was deliberately trying to keep us off that train.

Harry: [as the three walk away] Does it feel like we are recapping lengthy, useless events cut from a longer story that have little bearing to a plot save for one seemingly insignificant detail that might become critical later?
Don and Harmony: [together, confused] Um... No?

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