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[[Don, Harry, and Harmony are walking through the halls at Hollerith's. Harry notices a translucent, ghostly figure standing near a wall and reading a book.]]
Harmony: I wonder who might want to keep you away from school...
Harry: I bet I know... What was THAT?!

[[As the figure moves away Harmony explains.]]
Harmony: That's a data ghost, an avatar left behind by a former student or teacher. The school is full of them. They're projected by virtual reality units all over campus.

Harmony: Legend has it that a great hacker built the VR system before going mad and murdering someone. It's the most impressive VR ever built. Now he rots away in Angband prison, his genius wasted.

[[Another data ghost approaches, this one a bearded, balding engineer wearing a shirt and tie with a pocket protector.]]
Harmony: Most of the ghosts are friendly and helpful, though, like Nearly Nadless Norm here.
Harry: "Nearly Na--"?
Don: [interrupting emphatically, eyes wide] DON'T ASK!

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