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General Protection Fault presents Harry Barker and the Chatroom of Enigmas

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[[After their encounter with the "data ghosts", Harry, Harmony, and Don continue talking as they walk the hall.]]
Harmony: Your first Quakish practice of the year is soon, Harry. You'd better get dressed.
Don: [scowling] I hear Mitnick subnet has a new sniper who's brutal.
Harry: Really? Who?
[[As they approach a corner, a shadow indicates someone coming from the opposite direction.]]

[[Several Mitnick Quakish team members, including Darco Mouso, appear from the side hallway. They're wearing shiny new Quakish armor and are oozing superiority.]]
Darco: [sneering] ME. And this year someone's finally going to put you in your place, Barker.

Harmony: Harry can out-snipe you any day, Darco.
Darco: [viciously, sneering at Harmony] Shut your mouth, you filthy little mundane. Barker can prove his ineptitude on the game map.

[[Harmony is furious, tears streaming down her face. Don holds her shoulder, scowling at the backs of the Mitnick players as they walk away.]]
Harry: [confused by the interaction] Um... Did I miss something...?

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