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[[After their encounter with Darco, Harry, Don, and Harmony are visiting Dexter. They're seated on a couch in his hut, surrounded by sci-fi memorabilia, as he prepares a cup of tea for Harmony.]]
Dexter: And he called you THAT? You just ignore that little null, Harmony.
Harry: I don't get it. What's a "mundane"?

Harmony: [angrily, still in tears] It's a rather foul name for a hacker with luddie parents, like me. Elitist hackers use it to imply lesser intelligence and skill, and that we should just log off, unplug, and never write code again.

[[Dexter hands the cup of tea - which is dwarfed by his huge hands - to Harmony, who smiles at him.]]
Dexter: Now don't you believe it, Harmony. There's none smarter in your class than you, and ol' Darco can file his opinions in the bit bucket. There's hardly a hacker alive that's half-blood or less.

Dexter: [thoughtfully] Then again, given how often hackers breed, it's a wonder there's any of us at all. It's not like many luddies WANT to date a hacker...
Harry: [pointedly] Not helping anymore, Dex.

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